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Join our challenge: Let’s make overfishing history

Let's make overfishing history
MSC fundraising director Richard Leggatt talks about the importance of charitable support and how we can help the oceans and make overfishing history.
Richard Leggatt on November 14, 2014 - 1:24 pm in Developing World, Economic impact, Sustainable seafood
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The health of global fisheries is important for all of us. Declining fish stocks threaten global food security, the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, as well as the health of marine ecosystems.

I see the MSC as playing a unique part in a movement working to reverse this decline. Our vision is of oceans teeming with life and marine resources safeguarded for this and future generations.

How do we make it happen?

I know that if more fisheries can become certified to our Standard, we will see improvements in fishing practices. In fact it’s happening already: 10% of the world’s wild-caught seafood comes from fisheries engaged with the MSC program and research shows that certified fisheries are improving their environmental performance out on the water.

For me the critical question is how can we increase the number of fisheries in our program and accelerate the transformation of the seafood industry? One of the answers is with the support of donors big and small.

We are an international charity and one of my roles is to promote the MSC to funders. I explain why it is important that we respond to the challenges faced by global fisheries and how the MSC is working to deliver its mission.

Charitable support is essential to our success

Charitable support has allowed the MSC to get staff to places such as Kerala in India so we can work with fisheries like the Ashtamudi clam fishery that recently became the first Indian fishery to be certified.

Charitable support has also helped us to carry out an extensive review of our Fisheries Standard so we can ensure that MSC-certified fisheries have undergone the most rigorous and scientifically robust assessment of the impacts of their practices.

Funding research to ensure we’re working with the best available science is an important ongoing requirement. We pass some of this funding on to new generations: our scholarship program has already helped several students with marine and fisheries science research projects.

Image of two fishermen in small boat with clams, Ashtamudi estuary, India

Fishers from the Ashtamudi Estuary short-neck clam fishery © Juhan Samuel

Our current charity challenge

As part of our ongoing efforts to secure more charitable support, we are for the first time in our history, participating in a crowdfunding challenge. We’re taking part in the Skoll Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurs Challenge right now and the foundation will provide up to $3.25 million in prizes and matched funding.

The MSC is hoping to raise $15,000 through the challenge and we are reaching out to all of our friends to ask for donations. The Challenge runs until the 5th of December and each week, the Skoll Foundation offers rewards to the most successful fundraisers.

Spreading the word: We can all be Ocean Heroes

Participation in this challenge offers us an avenue to raise much needed funds, but I also believe this is a great opportunity to raise our profile as a charity working to safeguard marine resources. I want the MSC to tell our story, to tell everyone that we and our partners are transforming the seafood industry, and to remind our supporters that the success of our program is grounded in a belief that we can all make a difference through our choices.

I am hoping the MSC can reach a new audience in this way and I am encouraging all of the MSC’s friends to promote our involvement in the Skoll Challenge.

I hope you’ll be able to help. With enough support we can make overfishing history!

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise

Join us on Twitter too. Get involved and be an #OceanHero

Richard Leggatt

Richard is the MSC's fundraising director.

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