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Fish and Kids: bringing sustainability to Britain’s classrooms

by Stefanie Siebels
The MSC's Fish and Kids team hit the road to raise awareness of ocean health in UK primary schools.
Stefanie Siebels, Fish and Kids

Late in 2015, two of MSC UK’s Fish and Kids team – Stefanie and Tilda – visited 13 primary schools and over 2,500 children. They wanted to illustrate the connection between ‘Fish and Chips Friday’ school lunches and the protection of our oceans. Stefanie tells us about their 6 week tour…

When they came into the hall and saw a banner depicting an ocean scene with different fish the kids sensed this was no ordinary assembly. It might seem odd to talk about fish first thing in the morning but there was a logic to our plan. We wanted the themes of fishing and ocean health to ‘follow’ the children through the day.

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